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February 19th, 2014

There's this humming coming from the apartment below me. I find there's something almost nostalgic about feeling that quiet bass under my pillow. It takes me back to the days of my hippie Father and him playing records all the time. That man was seriously a piece of work. I used to sneak in his den with my cousins Jessica and Jamie where we'd turn on the strobe light and there was even a black light too. I remember the mysticism of the sight of his posters glowing like constellations in the dark.

Memories, man. Now I want a blacklight for my room D:

Anyways, I know it's been a long time since I've written anything, but honestly? There isn't a whole lot happening on this site anymore, which kinda makes me sad. I really wish livejournal would, or even could make a comeback. So many people's journals are now long dead, and as much as I enjoy writing about my life and my happenings, it's nice to see what my familiars are doing too. I may just start becoming active on Tumblr again and call it a day.

Onwards to updates!

- My writing is finally coming together. I've got close to 30 sources cited for my second part of my analysis piece on masculine culture. It's looking quite sharp. Finding a 2007b review and discussion by the American Psychological Association of the literature on sexual objectification in the media has been a source of glee, for it is a gold mine and backs up the rest of my assertions quite nicely.

- I've been cooking at home a lot more. The main obstacle towards wanting to cook is that I'm a sucker for the convenience of TV dinners or eating out, but that's only sustainable to a certain point. I made lemon chicken for my roommate and she absolutely loved it. This inspired me to put more time to it. I've gotten a good feel now.

- I've been getting into the Walking Dead. I rushed through and concluded season 3 just a few weeks ago. It's been a very entertaining show, definitely not perfect by any stretch as I do have my criticisms of it. Ever since embarking and broadening my feminist studies, I see certain patterns in media. In the case of the Walking Dead, one point that is obvious is its obvious tropes. For one, Rick, Hershel, and even Carl represent the shows white patriarchal force. Rick keeps his command decisions among the white patriarchy without extending much consideration towards the rest of the group. The women of the show are generally delegated to caretakers and to be protected. Maggie's sister especially. Whatever her name is. I'd know it if she wasn't so inconsequential. All she does is sing and hold a baby. Really? That's all I need to say about that. The Walking Dead also suffers from its portrayal of people of color. Anyone remember T-Dog? Then there's Glenn, who was initially delegated as a subordinate to the patriarchal white male force that is represented in the show. Glenn was portrayed from the start in a manner to suggest being, "feminized" (stealthy, escape artist, bait), from the shows earliest moments. He only becomes "masculinized" and subsequently respected by withstanding Merle's interrogation. How quaint. Lest not forget Glenn's upward mobility through his sexual union with a white woman, Maggie

For these reasons I was absolutely thrilled by the introduction of Michonne and initially it brought me real promise. I found it refreshing to see not only see a woman in this show so capable, but also a woman of color! Of course, there are some kinks to her writing. In Michonne's introduction we could already observe the magical negro trope when she first appears in the woods, shrouded with two walkers chained by her side, and of course rescues and protects Andrea. If you're curious what the magical negro trope is, read about it here...


For one, Rick's initial treatment of Michonne as a newcomer was also pretty harsh and disproportionate in comparison to the others he's met on his travels, and even as she became reluctantly accepted as part of the prison faction he seems to see and use Michonne as a living weapon to be commanded at his beck and call, rather than being an autonomous 3-dimensional character in her own right. Writers of TWD, if you're listening, please fix this.  I do still cling to hope that the writers will continue to develop her into something more real instead of merely an abstraction. The resuming of season 4 does show something, but then again, one cannot ask for miracles. I'm shaking my head at this point. Yes, the Walking Dead does possess its fair share of silly tropes, and I am no fun. I'm caught. I only recently saw the new premier episode, so I have yet to look up the others on streaming if any have been aired since then. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Signing off,


November 26th, 2013

(no subject)

I followed this idea from a LiveJournal user I know, who followed that through a livejournal user SHE knew. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty neat idea: 100 likes and dislikes. Here goes. I'm also interested in seeing YOUR lists! If you so oblige >:O


1. Learning
2. Critical Thinking
3. Psychology
4. Helping and watching people grow
5. Being competitive
6. "Overthinking" things
7. Artificial Intelligence
8. Chess
9. Compartmentalizing
10. Colorful Lights (Christmas LEDs, lamps, blacklights, lava lamps etc)
11. Colors in general
12. Investigating things
13. Being Inquisitive
14. Words and Language
15. Reading
16. Cuddles
17. Reclining
18. Feminist discussions
19. Debating
20. Even arguing
21. Mischief :P
22. Driving
23. Doing nothing
24. The Water Element
25. Volleyball
26. Footraces
27. Dreaming
28. Ah-HA! moments
29. Being naked
30. Heating Pads
31. Sensual body oil
32. Trance/Ambient melodies
33. Playing Piano
34. Watching the dryer cycle
35. Warm laundry
37. Jacuzzi's and Bubble Baths
38. Watching the O'Reilley factor (for the sheer amusement factor)
39. Being submissive
40. Playing computer games
41. Puns
42. Making jokes
43. Laughter
44. Cats
45. Purring
46. White noise
47. Thunderstorms
48. The sound of wind against trees
49. Hanging out in Bookstores
50. Being all fancy and stuff
51. Crying (it's therapeutic)
52. Hugs
53. Pillow Talk
54. Eating at Restaurants
55. Jazz clubs
56. Hair brushing
57. Vintage Clothing
58. Sunrise
59. Sour Candy
60. Vitamin C
61. Citrus Fruits
62. Wall Art
63. Netflix
64. Brick buildings
65. Sunny skies
66. Cirrus Clouds
67. Existential wonder about the people I'm traveling with (Subway, Train, Bus)
68. Going "BOOOO!" all of a sudden
69. Acting
70. Characterization
71. Idealism
72. Transhumanism
73. Science Fiction
74. Stuffed Animals
75. Surrealism
76. Driving topless
77. HD sound
78. Chiptune
79. Tarot Cards
80. Bagels
81. Popcorn Shrimp
82. Firearms
83. Autumn
84. Receiving massages
85. Good phermones
86. Candles
87. Sleepovers
88. Dancing around with my headphones on
89. Picnics
90. Park Strolls
91. Trolls, particularly with jewels in their bellies
92. Dusting
93. Doing a British accent
94. Plucking my eyebrows manually
95. Pretending
96. Ridiculous occurrences
97. The ocean front
98. Sunrise
99. Hand-written letters
100. Scents

100 Dislikes

1. Lack of Empathy
2. Authoritative and/or willful ignorance
3. The pornography and sex industry collectively
4. Rape Culture and Rape Apologists
5. Misogynists (I harbor seething hatred for the lot of them)
6. Sexism
7. Consumerism
8. Capitalism
9. Catcalling
10. Shallow, vapid automatons
11. Celebrity Gossip magazines/Tabloids
12. A fair amount of Men's/Women's magazines (Esquire, Cosmo etc). They're generally part of the problem.
13. Excess hedonism
14. A fundamental lack of intellectual curiosity.
15. Cognitive dissonance.
16. Logical fallacies
17. Non-white lies
18. Vague answers or statements
19. Religion
20. Contemporary Patriotism
21. Unacknowledged privilege
22. Police Brutality
23. The military industrial complex
24. Male "Rights" Activists - aka pathetic manchildren
25. Uncivilized behavior
26. Pro-alcohol/Booze culture (I'm sorry, but you don't score cool points by getting wasted like it's a talent. Reality check: it isn't.)
27. A fundamental disinterest in self-improvement or personal development.
28. The cost of living
29. Our crumbling education system and subsequent rise of the idiots
30. Arguments from authority
31. Planned obsolescence
32. Large crowds
33. Heavy Metal music
34. Church
35. Hot/Humid weather
36. Swingers
37. Mayo (exception noted at "Herb Mayo")
38. Time (there never seems to be enough of it)
39. Forgetting things
40. Death
41. Malignant optimism
42. Thieves (I will make exceptions for those who steal for survival: food, shelter, living needs)
43. My human frailties
44. Feeling powerless
45. Beauty standards
46. Predominant categorical/prejudiced thinking
47. Routine
48. Inconsiderate drivers
49. Chutzpah
50. Hookup Culture
51. Wars
52. Sniffles
53. The horizon
54. Fedora's (I always thought they looked stupid)
55. Human suffering
56. West End life
57. Goodbyes
58. Cruelty to Animals
59. Sleeping in the dark
60. State workers (generally, they are the worst of the worst to deal with)
61. Snakes
62. Cockroaches
63. Loud parties
64. Hospitals
65. Bad customer service
66. Stagnation
67. Florescent lighting
68. Writers block
69. Assembly Required
70. Conservative Republicans
71. Collard Greens
72. Meatloaf
73. Eyefucking or leering
74. Conversation abbreviations (4real like do u know? u an' me 4eva! thx boo)
75. Mainstream Media
76. Those really hard places to get into, but I can't get into them
77. Those people who do incredibly risky dumb shit just to get attention, any kind of attention whatsoever
78. Reality Television
79. False niceties or manner.
80. Loud knocks at the door
81. People showing up uninvited (I might make one or two exceptions, but generally not)
83. Football
84. Televised Sports while dining out (Is there anything more unpalatable than watching a bunch of meatheads clobber each other over a pig skin while you're trying to eat? No thank you!)
85. Adulterers
86. Crippling nostalgic states
87. Those who just don't get it
88. My scoliosis
89. Those who derail a discussion
90. Crying in front of other people (the worst is especially when someone can tell you are about to cry and they notice and ask, "are you okay?" And then of course you start balling. It's awful.)
91. Split ends
92. Hair Tangles
93. Blowing the candles out
94. Beiber and his Beliebers
95. The TSA
96. Imperialism
97. Monsanto
98. The DMV
99. Country Music (exception noted at Classic Country)
100. Diets

November 2nd, 2013

(no subject)

Several days ago I went to a local shooting range in my hometown. I was there with my friend Scott picking out a holster for my cosplay costume. I ended up picking Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, not the tube top S.T.A.R.S uniform, but the tight purple body suit one. I found the holster I was looking, but before we left, I asked to see the handgun selection. I saw Glocks, Baretta's, Magnums, and I was suddenly overcome by this spike of fascination. I asked to see and hold one. I picked the Beretta 9mm. The attendant handed it to me, it was a bit heavier than I expected it to be. My innocent fascination quickly descended into morbid curiosity. I knew I wanted to fire it. Scott told me that memberships were only $35 per month with unlimited times I could go. I would only have to pay for rentals and ammunition.

There was no stopping me after hearing this...

I rushed in to fill out the application and picked up my materials for the range: a .22, glasses, ear plugs, a magazine, bullets, and a zombie target I'd selected from the variety they had in stock. I was a little anxious signing up, being one of the only females there, so I didn't know if contending with inflated ego's was inevitable, but to my pleasant surprise everyone was nothing but kind and helpful. I put on my earplugs and proceeded on into the range. Along the wall were numbered stations, almost every one had an occupant firing. The first two shots fired made me jump. I never knew guns were could be so loud either. Once I got to lane 2, I set my purse down and the instructor showed me how to load, unload, and toggle the safety on and off. He stood close by for the first 3 repetitions of me firing from the 10 round magazine. After that I had it down. Getting aclimated to the recoil took a little time, but I got the hang of it. Several more firings eventually lead to my .22 getting jammed. This actually happened several times over the course of the next two hours. There was a shooter next to me whom I struck a conversation with at one of these times who was gracious enough to offer me her 9mm to practice with. I took my stance, my nerves pulsing slightly, and I opened fire.

The coming moments were like nothing I've ever experienced before. I began to feel this sense of hyperfocus take over me. I wasn't merely aiming at circles on a paper target anymore, I was mentally piercing the target. Everything else was forgotten except what I was doing. A sense of unyielding determination washed over me as my peripheral darkened and channeled my energy right in front of me. The last shot penetrated into the red circle and I relaxed and removed the magazine, and I stood over what I had done. It was a rush like I've never felt before.. I touched something inside of myself that I didn't even know existed, it was not only empowering, but also frightening. I walked out with a wonderful sense of accomplishment and renewed self-confidence after I finished, and it persisted long after I left.

Looking back just a little over a year ago, I would have dismissed the notion entirely of ever touching a firearm when I had a chance to go shooting with someone last summer. So there is a great sense of irony in all of this too, but I'm cool with all that considering. I'm happy I tried something new!


October 25th, 2013

(no subject)

Where to begin!

Oh that's right, I'm beginning my firearms and tactical training and starting combat hapkido. I already got my intro class and I LOVED it. I really can appreciate the militaristic nature of Hapkido. It's right up there with Krav Maga in seriousness. The techniques are made for realistic situations, so the adrenaline rush of having to use any of this isn't going to evaporate under the weight of flight-or-fight pressure. All in all, this self-defense stuff is pretty cool, and it's quickly becoming a serious interest to me. On the home front, I recently went through and organized all my stuff from the backyard storage unit. Now I have an extra dresser in my bedroom and a TON of extra space (and less clothes falling on the floor). Compartmentalizing has become a most useful and new compulsion of mine.

And in other news, there is a possibility I may go into business again soon, aromatherapy product making. I had a conversation with the owner of this gas station not long ago. He told me I had a "California Vibe" about me that was really chill, groovy, and positive. (I'll take that :D ). He asked me where I was from. "I'm from Virginia", "how long", he then asks. "Always", I said. People seem to offer up varying perceptions about where they think I'm from. It's weird. The midwest, New York, England, and now California! Jeez, if first impressions were perfect correlations with reality I'd be one helluva world traveler by now! ^_^

I met him and his family a couple weeks back. They have a child whom was shy, but very well-mannered, and a genuine love for Ravioli. We ate at Mary Angelo's, which you can never go wrong there. I agreed to do some research for him and I'll see if the contract looks agreeable when I meet with him next!

Fingers crossed x x


August 26th, 2013

When I was 12 I joined a super exclusive playground club. My best friend Tracy and I wanted to be cool kids and that led to our decision to join the fold. Audrey, she was the leader. Her power to evict its members with the stroke of a pen was deeply feared. A most unkind fate awaited those who were deemed unworthy of membership, and a reputation to follow as scathing as a scarlet letter, and to make matters worse, once you joined you could never. Ever. Leave. Unless it was decided for you, but by then, vultures and lions were already waiting for you.

We weren't happy about any of this.

Tracy and I forged a rebellion. And through a jubilee of sand thrown in faces, we would make our grievances known. That little spark of ornery was all that was required to turn the tables. Needless to say we were excommunicated. But as unwilling followers left the pack, those vultures and lions would show no mercy for the merciless.

Though seemingly whimsical as it might seem, not much changes in adult life. But I learned then on to always question authority, in whatever form it may find itself. To question and challenge it if one must... and to remember that this point remains pertinent then as it is now and will ever be.

June 5th, 2013

(no subject)

I am now writing for an upcoming website! Which is awesome and it's something I've wanted to break into for a while. This year has been an interesting one, I'm making self-improvement a priority in the way of the art of self-discipline. I am admittedly a prodigy in the art of slacking when it comes to writing. I've started many projects over the years with great enthusiasm, only to have them pile up, resting with potential and without realizing them to their full kinetic weight. This week I have finished two of three articles due by Saturday, which is progress! I have two more to do that aren't for the website, but they are deeply personal to me and need to be finished. So I will finish those next! All in all I feel very productive.

On another note though, I'm really getting sick and tired of paying my rent and expenses with little to save. My dollar just isn't going as far as it did back in 2011, and it's seriously getting old. Anne and I were planning to go to Baltimore aquarium this summer. We were going this week but she had a bad case of overdue parking tickets which left her depleted as was I. The aquarium was one of my fondest childhood memories and I cannot wait to go again and see all the Jellyfish, Turtles and company. ^_^

February 20th, 2013

A Valuable Lesson

Yesterday I had a really great chat with one of my best friends. We haven't actually spent time in quite a while, but we always seem to stay in touch, and he's really the kind of friend who's been there through it all. Catching up, he told me that was applying for jobs out West and then him and the family would be moving out that way, towards California. He's mentioned this sort of thing to me before, but I never really thought he'd leave. I mean, I hear the words, but you never really comprehend that until it's around the corner. I burst into tears then, in all my sadness and appreciation of who he's been in my life, I was ridiculous in that moment. And as nice as he is he's all saying he should have mentioned this more gently and that at the moment he's not going anywhere, and it's true, I am a little sensitive, and sometimes a bit of a crybaby.

I was really thankful for this though because it made me really realize what wonderful people I have in my life and to always be mindful of that no matter what, and some people are not as lucky for that.

November 1st, 2012

(no subject)


This song is an oldie now, but it's one that always makes me tear up when I listen.

October 27th, 2012

Introductions are so Fun

I was responding in a TQC forum recently and I came across a kind of getting to know you survey. If you've done this already you don't have to respond again, but otherwise feel free to leave a comment. Let's all get to know each other even more! K! ^_^

Hello everyone!

Name: Katherine!
Approximate age: 27
Male or female: Female
Fave colour: Aquamarine
Fave animal: Cats, Dolphins
Fave food and drink: Lemons, Pomegranate Juice
Fave movie / TV shows: Kill Bill, Better Off Ted, Ringer, Golden Girls
Fave actor (male and female): Sarah Michelle Gellar, I think she's so pretty!
Fave music / band: I am a jazz / downtempo lover. I like Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, that kinda stuff...
Celebrity Crush: Justin Timberlake ^_^
Which five people (Dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party and why? I wouldn't want to invite dead people to my dinner party, that would be - awkward to say the least... and smelly! Although Spike from Buffy is technically dead, actually undead. Can I invite him? Yeah, I'll invite Spike and my friend Lindsey, my best friend Emily, Kelly... haven't had mochas with her in a while, and Thai anddddd... that's it. I have five people now!
Who would you like to see banished to a deserted island with nothing but crabs and mosquitos? And no way to build a raft to get off said island? The guy who defrauded me out of $3,400, that scuzzbucket deserves to have the book thrown at him. Plus face my race of evil demented mutant supercrabs! HA!

Your turn : )

October 26th, 2012

I can't sleep. I believe that Full Throttle really did me in. I notice I've kind of become addicted to writing recently. Maybe that's an entry for another time. In the time I would like to talk about something very important... Kill Bill. Yes, I know, this is old news. It's an old movie by now, but up until about a month ago I had never seen it! Fun trivia huh? Well, it has easily become one of my favorite movies. I had seen only two Quentin Tarantino films before this, Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction respectively. Both of them had a very unique quality about them, but when I saw Kill Bill, from the very first red eye scene I knew I was about to be blown away. Kill Bill is over the top, very anime-esque. Which I hear was the whole point of it. So here are just a few notable scenes that really stuck out to me... starting from Beatrix' visit.

An evenly-matched battle finally reaches a stalemate when a school bus stops in front of the Pasadena home. Suddenly things become more complicated, for Vernita... her daughters early return from school changes nothing for Beatrix, her mission of revenge is borne of grief for her unborn child, something for which Vernita is ultimately culpable.

After a brief pause they continue discussion in the kitchen. Vernita makes an appeal to her emotions, a plea for life on behalf of her daughter, however, Beatrix remains unmoved.

Beatrix: Bitch. You can stop right there. Just because I have no wish to murder you before the eyes of your daughter does not mean that parading her around in front of me is going to inspire sympathy. You and I have unfinished business, and not a Goddamn fucking thing you've done subsequent in four years including getting knocked up, is going to change that.

Failing to secure sympathy from the Bride, she excuses herself from the heated exchange to fix her daughter Nikki some KABOOM cereal. After a few quick verbal jabs between former comrades, Vernita quickly grabs the box of cereal and fires a shot at Beatrix, only to miss and receive an impalement from a thrown knife for her effort. Quentin Tarantino captures the brutality of this scene perfectly. The faint sound of birds are muted with the mechanical crunch from the scattered cereal on the floor, as Beatrix advances towards her kill, finally kneeling to reclaim her knife. The Bride stands above her adversary, victorious, nearly stoic, only to discover moments later that Vernita's young daughter Nikki has witnessed her mothers murder, blank from shock. This is not how she wanted it to go. And in that moment, suddenly the revenge she sought which was so clear to her, even justified, was now questionable. She now finds herself in an uncomfortable grey shade of a moral dilemma. Turning away, Beatrix wipes her weapon vigorously, removing the blood from her hands like the Lady Ophelia. She apologizes by saying it was not her intention to do this in front of her and for that she is sorry. But to take her word that her mother had it coming, and when she grows up, if she still feels raw about it... she'll be waiting. This also sets up the story of Kill Bill 3 which is coming to theaters in the near future in which Nikki will take her revenge upon the Bride. An eye for an eye clearly doesn't play out too well and the fallout is demonstrated unequivocally.

Although Vernita is to be slain second according to her kill list, Oren Ishii is the next shown to be targeted by the Bride, typical of Tarantino's style of non-chronological portrayal. Oren's entrance at the House of Blue Leaves is one of the best character appearances I've seen.

Out of all the assassins that the Bride would face, Oren Ishii's character was one that elicited the most amount of pathos. She was the most victimized by her circumstances, witnessing the slaughter of her family at the hands of a ruthless Yakuza Boss at only 9 years of age. At 11, she swore revenge against the man responsible for the death of her family, chiding him to look into her eyes before completing the final blow. It was the point of no return for her.

During the duel between Beatrix and Oren Ishii, Oren lands a slashing blow to the combat-worn Bride, falling in the show, taunting her. Oren promises that even if she cannot fight like Samurai, she can at least die like a Samurai. Beatrix finally struggles to her feet and commands Oren to attack with everything she has. Oren brings down her sword and is deflected. As their swords clash once again Oren backpedals away from Beatrix, a bloody wound surfaces through her robe. Oren, now softly gasping for her breath gazes upon her opponent with respect. Much as she was the victim of tragedy herself, so was the woman standing before her, and yet she visited the same fate against her four years ago at her own wedding. She apologizes for ridiculing her earlier. The bride looks in understanding, and accepts, asking "Are you ready?" Oren acknowledges her fate. She knows she's going to die here, and so she beckons her to come. The momentary truce passes as the two warriors rush towards each other, bringing their swords together and away again. And so the Bride stands victoriously once again.

The least likable out of all the assassins by far is is Elle. There isn't a shred of any redeemable quality at all in her. Formerly known as part of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad by her code name California Mountain Snake. She is cunning, opportunistic, and self-possessed in her schemes and won't hesitate to kill all who stand in her way. After Budd captures the Bride and contains her within a wooden tomb underground, he informs Elle of this and that he also is in possession of the Bride's Hanzo sword. They strike a deal, one million for the sword. She would travel to El Paso the next day to meet him.

When Elle arrives Budd opens the suitcase and begins counting, but unbeknownst to Budd, there is an unfortunate surprise waiting for him. Sorting through dead presidents, wrapped and folded he reveals none other than a Black Mamba snake. Budd is bit in three quick strikes before throwing the suitcase away from him scattering the money over the trailer. Panicking as the poison quickly takes effect, Budd falls to the floor helplessly. Elle looks down at him and expresses her regrets for skipping the introductions.

Elle: Mmm. I'm sorry Budd. That was rude of me wasn't it? Budd, I'd like to introduce my friend the Black Mamba. Black Mamba, this is Budd.

Elle takes a seat and pulls out a detailed list of facts about the Black Mamba as well as answering Budds earlier question more thoroughly.

Elle: Right at this moment, the biggest "R" I feel is regret. Regret, that maybe the greatest warrior I have ever met, met her end at the hands of a bushwackin', scrub, alky piece of shit like you! That woman deserved better.

With his last breath, Budd finally succumbs to the poison coursing within him. Elle begins gathering the cash back into the suitcase but not before breaking the unfortunate news to Bill.

Elle: Bill...Elle. I have some tragic news. Your brother's dead. I'm sorry baby. She put a Black Mamba in his camper. I got her, sweety. She's dead. Let me put it this way. If you ever start feeling sentimental, go to Austin, Texas. When you get here, walk into a florist and buy a bunch of flowers. Then you take those flowers to Huntington cemetery on Fuller and Guadalupe, look for the headstone marked "Paula Schultz", then lay them on the grave. Because you will be standing at the final resting place of BEATRIX KIDDO.

With the hanzo sword in her hand, Elle kicks open the door to leave to find who other than the Bride herself.

A long and brutal battle begins, however, Beatrix' surprise entrance allows her to quickly gain the upper hand. As the battle unfolds Elle is afforded a couple of moments to use her sword, only to find that she doesn't have the room remove it from its scabbard. With her fierce unarmed fighting skills, she strikes an even keel with the Bride. At one point, Elle knocks Beatrix down with a vicious hook punch to her face, who then retaliates by taking possession of Budd's guitar, swinging and smashing it down again as Elle dives behind the kitchen counter to retreat. Quickly darting in pursuit, the Bride is repelled with a leaping kick. Staggering backwards, Beatrix crashes into the living room couch as Elle seems ready to finish the fight, launching into a flying kick. In just the nick of time the Bride quickly sidesteps, using her momentum to send her crashing through the bathroom wall. Taking Elle in the firm grip of a choke, the Bride seizes control, inching forward and uses her leverage to dunk her head first into the toilet bowl. With swift presence of mind Elle uses the flush valve, allowing her another few life-sustaining moments. Catching her breath, she summons her strength and lands an elbow strike to Beatrix' groin, now quickly retreating to the opposite end of the trailer to retrieve the Bride's Hanzo sword. Luckily for Beatrix, she notices Budd's own hanzo sword nearby.

The two warriors stare down across the narrow corridor for the inevitable face-off.

Elle: What's that?
Beatrix: Budd's hanzo sword.
Elle: He said he pawned it.
Beatrix: Guess that makes him a liar, don't it?

Elle winces in frustration. Had Budd's revelation been true, she would have a decisive advantage over the Bride. She implores Elle on just what she said to Pai Mei (both Elle and Beatrix's master) to make him pluck out her eye.

Elle: I called him a miserable old fool.
Beatrix: Ooh, bad idea.
Elle: Know what I did? I killed that miserable old fool. And I told him that the words of a miserable old fool like you is worth less than nothing. That's right. I killed your master, and now I'm going to kill you, with your own sword no less. Which in the very immediate future will become my sword.

Enraged, Beatrix makes her final point strenuously.

Beatrix: Bitch... You don't have a future.

Screaming her battle cry, Elle clashes her katana with the Bride. Any loss of footing would mean the end. She maintains her footing as Elle presses against her with firm intensity, only looking up to acknowledge Elle's cold gaze. What happens next I'm sure Elle didn't see coming... Much as Pei Mei did for her insolence, the Bride plucks out Elle's left eye. Collapsing and now completely blind, Elle screams, pleading and swearing vengeance. Beatrix turns to leave, crushing her eye under her foot. Elle is left to fend for herself, along with the Black Mamba she had planted for Budd, hissing as she exits the trailer. The bride now departs to face her final adversary and complete her final objective. Kill Bill.

I will say that I didn't set out with the intention of doing a character analysis in this entry, I was originally going for something like: I highly recommend this movie, it's a definite gem, that sort of thing. But it was fun. Quentin Tarantino is a genuine master of impressive visuals, over the top scenarios, and intense dialogue. So anyways, that's my entry. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about it.


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